I really do try and like Google+, I try to use it, share stuff and get involved in the communities, but to be honest it seems a bit of a waste of time.

Nothing sums up Google+ more than a picture of Jeff Jarvis' septic tank

Nothing sums Google+ up better than this picture of a hole for a septic tank shared by Jeff Jarvis, with 157 +1′s, 5 shares and 46 comments.


The State of UK Hyperlocal Community News

Following on from what was the largest survey of UK hyperlocals, the long awaited report on the state of UK hyperlocal community news has finally been published.

The report was written by Cardiff University’s Dr Andy Williams, Westminster University’s Prof Steven Barnett and Judith Townend, and Birmingham City University’s Dave Harte.

While the hyperlocal scene is still mainly done for community good, it is nice to see that a few sites are making some small amounts of money, although I personally doubt that running a hyperlocal site is ever going to provide a good income for most people. [Read more...]