Will Aberdeen make or break the union in this weeks #indyref?

I’ve just been looking at the estimated times that the different local authorities are expected to declare their results from the Independence Referendum vote on Friday morning.

Out of the 32 local authority areas in Scotland, 7 of them are hoping to declare their results by 2AM on Friday 19 September, a further 18 are estimating that they will declare their results between 2:30 and 3:30. 6 are expecting to declare by 5am and one is not expecting to declare until 6am.Continue Reading

BBC Licence Fee to rise if Scotland votes Yes in #indyref?

The politically neutral, balanced and impartial BBC has already decided that the TV Licence fee could more than double for households in Scotland in the event of a Yes vote next Thursday according to a report on The Guardian website.

The report was drawn up three years ago but now The Guardian says that the BBC are under political pressure to release the report ahead of next Thursdays vote.

The Journalism Foundation

The Journalism Foundation

Remember them?

The non-profit foundation

which promotes, develops and sustains free and independent journalism

run under the leadership of former editor of the Independent Simon Kelner and supported by the Lebedev family, owner of the Independent and Evening Standard.

I had a brief dalliance with them as they started up, less said about that the better.

The ‘foundation’ lasted less then 12 months but hung around on the internet until very recently. Now even the internet has consigned this short lived project to the grave and now the http://www.thejournalismfoundation.com/ 404s

RIP The Journalism Foundation 5 December 2011 – 13 November 2013