Heartbleed who do we believe?

So there has been this huge security hole found in Open SSL which means people could potentially have seen your username and password when you thought it was secure using https. Tom Scott explains the Heartbleed vulnerability very clearly here Now there has been lots & lots written about this, I’m adding to that big […]

Blood test spam E-mail

A particularly unpleasant spam E-mail arrived this morning giving me results of my blood tests from NICE. The E-mail tells me I have low white blood cell & platelets count after a complete blood count (CBC) and they have a suspicion of cancer. It also tells me I should download and print out the CBC […]

The Dr Seuss Guide to Twitter

Hootsuite have produced the Dr Seuss Guide to Twitter, a handful of slides in the timeless style of Dr Seuss. This could be useful for team members of a certain age who are new to social media and Twitter.Posted from Turriff, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Ads so big the content is below the fold

We all know that the dead tree press is struggling and how they need to have ads on the digital editions, but this is now getting ridiculous with ads so big that they are pushing the content below the fold to use a newspaper term.