Poacher turned gamekeeper?

Anyone who has been around the hyperlocal scene in the past 5 years or so will know that I have had a healthy disregard for press officers in local government. I’ve had many a good battle with with the more enlightened ones like the legendary Dan Slee, who has now escaped local government to work full time on Comms2point0. I’ve also had battles with the less enlightened press officers who think that their sole role within the council was to produce a nicely spun press release for the local paper. I guess this is why so many ex journalists were employed by local councils.

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Dealing with wp_commentmeta when moving WordPress databases

I’ve spent a few days moving WordPress sites around between servers recently. A relatively simple if not mundane task, copy all the files from one server to another using SCP in terminal then moving the database, link the two up and all is well. You can move SQL by using command line in terminal, but I prefer to download it, then create a new database & user and upload it to the new server.Continue Reading

Harry ‘Ding Dong’ Bell

Today seems quite a fitting day to post this.

This is Harry Bell, or Ding Dong as I knew my Great Grandfather, sitting on his horse during the early part of World War One.

Ding Dong had shipped out with the Cheshire Regiment soon after the outbreak of World War One. He had this photograph taken and printed on a post card which was sent home to his wife and two daughters.

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