Stop Twitter Spam

I wrote this for @talkaboutlocal but have cross posted it here because, I want more people to see it and I am too bone idle today to do a real post so here you go.

There seems to have been an increase in Twitter spam over the past week, with people sending out tweets like ‘Is this you in this photo [link]’ or ‘I’m sure this is you in this video [link]’ and ‘Want to make between $3000 & $8000 a month click here [link]’.

The first and most important thing is to not click on the links, even if the tweet comes from someone you know and trust. The second thing is to let the person tweeting the links that they have been sending out spam links.

The safest way to sort out problems with spam tweets is to, login in to Twitter and go to this page will list all the applications that you have authorised to use your Twitter account.

Review this list and revoke access to anything that you don’t know what it is for or you don’t recognise.

When you have done this go and change your Twitter Password at and this should stop any spam tweets from your account.

Always make sure that the Twitter URL is https so you know it is secure.

Don’t worry if you do revoke access to an application that means something stops working you can always go re-authorise it later.