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That Nigel Farage punk picture

There's a picture doing the rounds on the internet today, St Georges Day, of Nigel Farage in his punk phase in 1983.

Here's the Nigel Farage punk picture with 'Nigel' doing what every self respecting punk would do in the 80's, flick the V's at a coppers back. For the yoof of today, doing this behind a coppers back was the 80's equivalent of you shouting at d list celebrities on Twitter today.



As much as I dislike his right wing politics, I think Mr Farage is being done a disservice. I put it to you, that the image above is a photoshop mash up of this Press Association image


and this image of a punk by Nils Jorgensen, thanks to Foz in the comments below for the link to the original image.

Photo by Nils Jorgensen

photoshopped on to a street background or maybe the original is on a street, who knows. There is probably a better image than this one floating around somewhere, probably in some stock image photo site if you could be bothered to look, but non-the-less the punk in the picture above is the same as the one that is supposed to be Nigel.

Here they are side by side


The head is slightly tipped forward in the one on the left, but the number of lines on the face of the 22 19 year old punk Nigel are the same as on the 50 year old Nigel on the right (no pun intended).

So UKIP probably didn't try to ban the image and it probably isn't of Nigel Farage.



Nice work from @sketch_a_etch though.