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So Oakley how do I unsubscribe?

17 October 2017 update. I've not had any further E-mails from Oakley for a few months so I'm going to stick my neck out and say that I have eventually managed to get unsubscribed. Of course, if anything changes then I'll be back to updating this post. Hello Oakley, You are in breach of the […]

17 October 2017 update. I've not had any further E-mails from Oakley for a few months so I'm going to stick my neck out and say that I have eventually managed to get unsubscribed. Of course, if anything changes then I'll be back to updating this post.

Hello Oakley,

You are in breach of the anti-spam regulations. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to unsubscribe from your E-mail newsletter a number of times. Despite my best attempts, you still insist on sending me E-mail.

In some of your recent newsletters your unsubscribe link went to the home page of your website

Oakley home page

When the unsubscribe link did work, on the 29 December, I assumed that this meant that I was actually unsubscribed. But alas no, you say you are sad to see me go, but you don't actually let go do you, Oakley?

You had to spoil it, the great memories of our time together, ruined because you contacted me again on 12 February. When we split up (or so I thought) it was me, it wasn't you, it was me, I just wanted a bit less stuff in my inbox. Now, it's changed, it's you, Oakley, you are like a really needy ex-girlfriend who just can't see that it's over.

Well, Oakley, it is over, we're finished, please don't contact me again. I have unsubscribed again today,

  1. 14 February
  2. 19 February
  3. 12 March
  4. 15 March
  5. 21 March
  6. 27 March
  7. 30 March
  8. 3 April
  9. 7 April
  10. 11 April
  11. 4 May
  12. 13 May
  13. 16 May
  14. 19 May
  15. 24 May

if you send me one more unsolicited E-mail I won't be writing slightly tongue in cheek posts, I'll be reporting you.*

And don't you dare even think about telling me that it takes time for me to be unsubscribed from your list, because I run mailing lists for clients, and I know this is bullshit.

Update 14 February

@Oakley have responded to me on Twitter, asking me to send them my E-mail address so they can unsubscribe me. I've refused, me sending my Email address doesn't fix the underlying problem that the Oakley E-mail marketing system appears to be broken. It's a bit like you telling your bank there is a security issue and them fixing it for you and not everyone who uses the bank. I get that that statement is a bit melodramatic but you get my point? Fix the problem for everyone and not just the person who shouts.

All Oakley need to do is read this post again, and they will see all the dates I have tried to unsubscribe.

19 February update, more spam arrived from Oakley this morning.

More Oakley spam, despite unsubscribing.

Again I have pressed the unsubscribe link and again Oakley are sorry to see me go, I hope I have gone, but let's see about that shall we?

Unsubscribed again from the Oakley news letter on 19 February


11 March I received another unsolicited mailing from Oakley

Oakley mailshot 11 March


and again I have pressed the unsubscribe button at the foot of the mailshot.

15 March, yet more spam from Oakley this morning.

once again I have unsubscribed from their mailing list.

Will it be this time that actually unsubscribes me? We can hope.

Nope, sadly not. 21 March and more spam arrived from Oakley this morning.

Oakley spam marketing email received on 21 March

Oakley spam 21 March

Once again I have unsubscribed using the link in the E-mail, once again Oakley are sad to see me go. If only they would let go.

Another confirmation from Oakley that I have unsubscribed from their mailing list

Another day, another confirmation that I've unsubscribed

More spam from Oakley came in over the weekend

21 March spam

Again I have unsubscribed, surely this time they will get the message, won't they?

30 March update. More spam from Oakley this morning offering me 50% off.

More spam this morning.

Today I made a video of me unsubscribing, just to shake things up a bit, you know to stop this ever expanding post getting boring.

for you traditionalists, here is the obligatory screen grab of the unsubscribe confirmation.

And again I've unsubscribed

Maybe this time the planets will align and I'll be unsubscribed, we'll find out in the next week or so.

April Fool!

Yes, you got me Oakley, a great April Fool, you sent me another unsolicited newsletter as a joke didn't you, you're just trying to make me think I wasn't unsubscribed, aren't you?

This arrived on Saturday morning

Oakley and their not so funny April Fool joke.

Again I pressed the unsubscribe link but this time I got this


But not being one to give up on trying to unsubscribe to the Oakley newsletters I press unsubscribe again and this time, they were Sad To See Me Go, we can only hope that the sadness wears off over time.

So sad... 3 April unsubscribe

So let's see if I can finally get unsubscribed this time.

7 April

Bubba! Bubba Watson in an Oakley polo shirt and glasses appeared in my inbox this morning.

Bubba Watson arrived with the Oakley spam this morning...

Again I pressed the unsubscribe link, again I have been unsubscribed

Sad, so sad. Please let me go this time. 7 April unsubscribing again

Will it really happen this time?

11 April update

I've reached level 10 of the great Oakley unsubscribe game. More spam arrived this morning

This morning's spam from Oakley

You know the score, I've pressed the unsubscribe button, again.......

Unsubscribing for the TENTH! time this morning, 11 April.

I thought things had come together, the planets had aligned and I was finally unsubscribed. Sadly I was wrong, 4 May saw more spam from Oakley.

Star Wars day spam from Oakley

May the fourth be with me I thought as I pressed the unsubscribe button, again, (see what I did there?), so let's see.

May the fourth be with me with this unsubscribe

So the forth (said in a Chris Eubank voice) wasn't with me. 13 May saw another mail from Oakley.

More junk from Oakley 13 May

I 'jabbed' the unsubscribe button again.

Unsubscribing on the 13 May

16 May. 50% off! Woohoo, Oakley emailed me again this morning.

Many bargains, much cheapness

I pressed the bargain basement unsubscribe button again. Oakley says they are sad to see me go, Again, Again, Again..... Let's see eh? I'm not convinced, I think if I get to 15 unsubscribes I can claim goods to the value of £500 or something.

Unsubscribing yet again.

19 May, today I got Julian Wilson (whoever he may be) in my inbox from Oakley. Julian Says #Cantstop a bit like the constant spam I get from Oakley. So here you go, you know the score, here is the screen shot of today's spam.

Julian Wilson #cantstop a bit like the E-mails from Oakley that I #cantstop no matter how many times I try


And here is the screen grab of my unsubscribe notification.

19 May unsubscribe #canstop #cantstop

Oakley #cantstop sending me mails, but I can only hope that today will be the day they do stop.

24 May World Class Waves, waves of rage on my part, still I can't get the unsubscribe link to work...

Road Block Boardshorts for World Class Waves


Again I waved my mouse over the unsubscribe button and clicked. Again Oakley is sad to see me go, I doubt they will ever let go. I'm wondering what the next steps are with this, maybe contact one of the tech writers out there.

24 May, I've tried to unsubscribe again...

*I've changed my mind, I'm going to keep updating this post each time I get spam from Oakley until they fix the problem.