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WordPress 4.8 new widgets

New widgets in the latest version of WordPress that shipped this weekend. Native support for Images, Audio, Video and rich text editing.

WordPress 4.8 has rolled out, you should look at updating your sites to the latest version.

Included in this latest release are three new widgets that could make life easier for novice users.  The ability to add images and links to widgets has always been do-able but it needed a basic understanding of some HTML code to make it work. With WordPress 4.8 you can add audio, images and videos to your sidebar with the three new widgets, Audio, Image & Video. Just drag the widgets into place and configure them in the settings screen.

You can add self-hosted content from your server or content from elsewhere by adding the URL to these widgets.

Three new widgets in WordPress 4.8

Also added to the widgets is a cut down version of rich text editing, so no more adding code for bold or italics, it is all there in the widget for you, just like in the post and pages editor.

Rich text editing for widgets

If you need any help or advice on your WordPress site, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.