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That awkward moment

That awkward moment when you tag Alex 'Infowars' Jones rather than Aled 'Snowman' Jones in your marketing tweet for an Irish sea safari.

That awkward moment when the official tourist voice of Ireland tags Alex Jones the infamous Infowars conspiracy theorist instead of wholesome Aled Jones.

Alex Jones Twitter
Aled Jones Twitter

We've all done it...

I think there could be something in putting Aled & Alex Jones in a vintage motorbike and sidecar and letting them vlog their way around Ireland for a month. Think Jack Hargreaves with motor bikes, hymns and conspiracy.

Working title 'Out Of Town with the Joneses'.

A panning shot of Aled singing on an Irish hillside cuts to Alex doing a guest radio spot with Eamon O'Dwyer on Tipp FM

Any TV producers want to sign up to make this?

Discover Ireland have since fixed the tweet 🙂