Just about me, and stuff...

I can rebuild it

So, for one reason or another, I let my personal website here slip, I stopped writing rubbish and left it to fester. Well I'm back, I think and I'm rebuilding.

It is over three years since I last wrote anything here, that is quite a break.

A lot, and I mean *A LOT* has happened in that time since I last published anything, Covid and multiple lockdowns being one of them. Some people will know some of the more personal stuff and some people won't. I'll be writing about that, maybe, in the not too distant future.

I'm in the middle of rebuilding and repurposing this site and I hope I can get back in to writing rubbish and posting pictures again.  Maybe I won't maybe I'm just going through the process of updating everything just to leave it to fester for a while longer.

Time will tell.